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  • Date: 01 5 2015
01 5 2015

Members List

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Bitumen Isfahan Ayegh Industrial and Manufacturing Co. 1
Paraffin Wax, Fouts oil, polypropylene granules Taksa Tose'e Tejarat Trading Group 2
Paraffin Jam Payam Shahr Trading and Manufacturing Co. 3
Oil, gas and fuel oil Banagostar Karaneh Co. 4
Gas and petrochemicals Arkan Gas Co. 5
Bitumen Farashimi Rooz Co. 6
Establishment and operation of factories and manufacturing plants, all kinds of bitumen, oil and chemical products and etc Sadaf Refining Chemical Company 7
Engine oil, base oil, industrial oil, grease Alborz Rosbaha Investment Co. 8
Astrakt RPO, Slack Wax and Paraffin Oil Fouts Fajr Tabandeh Co. 9
Oil products Iran Alborz Chelik Co. 10
Paraffin Hadaf Paraffin Co. 11
Furfural Slack wax, paraffin wax, base oil, bitumen Jam Farayand Co. 12
Paraffin Oil Fouts Golgah Co. 13
Paraffin Mohammad Kashefi Trading Co. 14
Bitumen Yazd Parsiana Co. 15
Paraffin Khatoonabad Chemical Industry Co. 16
Export and production of oil and engine base Alimohammad Sadri Shirazi 17
Export and import of petroleum products and crude oil swaps and LPG Nakhle Baharestan Pardis Co. 18
Paraffin Wax, Wax Rresidue Samin Chemical Co. 19
Paraffin Wax, Fouts Oil Mohammadi Manufacturing Co. 20
Phenyl acetate, butyl acetate, Thinner Milad Pegah Co. 21
Petrochemical and chemical manufacturer of raw materials, cosmetic, paint, resin and leather Kimiyagarane Ermrooz Co. 22
Petrochemical production and export of hydrocarbons Gozargahe shomali Trading Co. 23
PS, PP, ABS Novin Baspar Co. 24
Gas condensate, LPG, petrochemicals and solvents Pak Gas Co. 25
LPG and petrochemical products Saad Iran Co. 26
Oil's Products Petroleum Oil Products Export Development Fund 27
Additives industrial oils, engine oils imports, exports of petroleum products and petrochemicals Delta Farayand Co. 28
Slack Wax, RPO, bitumen, base oil Petro prand Fadak Co. 29
Oil Products such as Bitummen and Furfural Sirjan Gostar World Group 30
Oil products, Wiesel Oil, heavy and light hydrocarbons nowandishe Qeisariye Co. 31
Hydrocarbon fuel and petroleum products Apadana Petro bazargan 32
Paraffin wax Atiye Gostarane Donya Co. 33
Types of engine oil and gear oil, and antifreeze Gyrys Setareh Lahij Co. 34
Bitumen, sulfur and gas Nakhle Barani Pardis Co. 35
Petrochemical Persian Energy Group Consortium Co. 36
Paraffin, Fouts Oil, Furfural extract Iran Cooperative Producers of Paraffin Co. 37
Paraffin, Fouts Oil, Furfural extract Paraffin Manufacturers Cooperative needs of Tehran province Co. 38
Types of machine oil and industrial gear oils and supplements, and antifreeze Gyrys Ghatran Kaveh Co. 39
Petrochemical and chemical types of thinners and solvents Alborz Palayesh Eshtehard Co. 40
Base oil and engine oil Tondravan Behroo Co. 41
Base oil and Slack Wax Sepahan Oil Co. 42
Chemicals and petroleum Energy Gostar Napta Co. 43
Chemicals and petroleum Karavrane Shragh Co. 44
Oil and petroleum products Parsian Parsa Engine oil Co. 45
Gyrys engine oils and gear oils and industrial oils Iran Engine oil Co. 46
Paraffin products Mehra Azin Trading Co. 47
Petrochemical and fuel additives and base oils Gyrys Behravan Kimia Co. 48
Production and export of paraffin Poua Parafin Co. 49
Paraffin, Fouts Oil, RPO Derakhsh sign Co. 50
Thinner, alcohol and methanol Parsa Fanavaraye Adib Co. 51
Thinner, Thinner oil and furnace packaging Solvents Halal Gostaer Adib Co. 52
International trade, swap transit of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Sarami Group Co. 53
Solvents, thinners, industrial thinners, industrial and automotive paint and oven Rey Petrochemical Industry Co. 54
Petrochemical Kariz Co. 55
PVC, DDB, Tetramer Abadan Petrochemical Co. 56
Bitumen Alvand International trade Co. 57

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